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Pedal Power

Issue 24
February 1998


Annual General Meeting - 9 March 1998

We hope as many members as possible will be able to attend.


  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 10 March 1997.
  3. Matters arising.
  4. Chairman's report.
  5. Treasurer's report.
  6. Membership Secretary's report.
  7. Election of Officers.
  8. Election of Committee.
  9. Proposed amendment to rules:
    "That a new class of membership be defined : that of "honorary member". Honorary members shall receive newsletters and be able to take part in Campaign events but pay no fees. New honorary members shall be proposed and seconded and then voted for by at least two-thirds of members present at a quorate general meeting of the Campaign."
    Proposed: Ariadne Tampion Seconded: John Catt
  10. Proposed change to subscription:
    "That the membership subscriptions for waged individuals and families be reduced to 2 pounds and 4 pounds respectively."
    Proposed: Ariadne Tampion Seconded: John Catt
  11. Any other business

Anthony Kay - Secretary

How about a Street party?

- excerpt from recent East Kent Spokes Newsletter.

On Saturday 30th August '97 Spokes held a street party in Patrixbourne Road Bridge, near Canterbury, to celebrate the passing of the Road Traffic Reduction Act 1997. If you want to hold a similar event here's what to do......

Think of a good reason for a street party and ring up the Highways Department of your County Council. Ask them to support your application to the local District Council for a temporary road closure. Then you write to the Town Clerk asking for a temporary closure under section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 on the particular road you have chosen giving the date and times between which you want it closed. The Clerk will then formally ask for approval from the County Council and police. This should take about a fortnight.

If you get permission, start to prepare the ingredients.

Send out a press release to local and national papers, TV and radio. You will need the following: road signs and barriers, (if you live in the country use straw bales), from your local hire shop. Arrange musicians, a sound system, bunting, banners, flags, tables, chairs and refreshments. Your local pub landlord will need at least 48 hours to get a license from the magistrates to sell alcohol off the premises, i.e. on the road. You will need people on the day, so write to and contact by phone, as many people and organisations as you can. You will be surprised at the number who will just turn up and stay because everyone is having such a good time. Mix all the above together with members of the press and relax.

Ours was a great success with Radio Kent, Meridian TV, Kentish Gazette and the Sunday Telegraph reporting.


Chairman : Clive Davis 239263 CDavis@Brushtraction.demon.c o.uk
Secretary: Anthony Kay 215468 a.kay@lboro.ac.uk
Treasurer: David Bentley 236695
Newsletter Editor: John Catt 211468 john.catt@overflow.com
Membership Sec.: John Richardson 230931 j.h.richardson@lboro.ac.uk

Forthcoming events:

9 Mar - AGM guest speaker Mike Hamilton.
13 April - Trip to Leicester on the GCR to be shown round the Leicester cycle network by Spokes. To be confirmed.
11 May - Police speaker postponed from February. To be confirmed.
6 June - Escort Andy Reed MP from Quorn to surgery in Loughborough. Time to be announced.
8 June - 7pm - Bike Week Pub Run from Midland Mainline Station, Loughborough.
13 July - Tour of cycle facilities to assess their condition.
10 August - Social ride hopefully with all other Loughborough cycle groups.


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