Problems in Loughborough High St

from Tim Birkinshaw (image from Google)

Loughborough High Street

Has anyone else had problems with the cycle lane (and cycling) in Loughborough High St?

I often use High St. in both directions (as I have done for nearly 30 years), it is very handy for the market, but I have had a number of incidents there since the changes nearly three years ago. I was attacked there recently by an irate motorist who thought he could force his way through too small a gap. (I didn't get his number as someone intervened to stop him going further.)

I was assured by an official at County Hall, soon after the changes were made, that this stretch of road is two-way for the full length from Denhams to the Woodgate traffic lights, despite the 'No Entry' sign on the corner of Baxtergate; all the signage fits with this. (No one-way signs or arrows and a cycle route sign for southbound cyclists.)

However when the bus stands and the unloading bay down one side are occupied (as they often are) the remaining width of road is too narrow for a vehicle to safely pass a cycle coming the other way. Cars (and vans) come down High St. at considerable speed (mostly rat-running), and buses pull out, so on several occasions I have been faced with on oncoming vehicle, and insufficient room. The situation isn't helped by the stub of a cycle lane which ends very suddenly outside the estate agents.

I don't think the layout was properly thought through when Market Place was closed to through traffic three years ago and High St. narrowed.

I don't see many cyclists using High St. now; I am not surprised. I am not sure what to suggest, apart from re-widening the road. Maybe 'priority to oncoming traffic' signs, a longer marked cycle lane or the central white line continued for the full length of the road would be possible answers.

Any suggestions? (Ed. Please send any suggestions to

Leicester 'Car dooring' conviction appeal fails

(based on an article in Cycling UK Cycle Campaign News)

Farook Yusuf Bhikhu, the taxi driver convicted of permitting the ‘car dooring’ which led to the death of cyclist Sam Boulton, has had his appeal rejected by Leicester Crown Court.

Bhikhu was convicted of the offence of ‘car dooring’ in June, and fined £955. Now that he’s lost his appeal, a further cost of £300 has been awarded against him.

Cycle campaigners and Sam’s family want to see more public awareness on the dangers of car dooring, and the Government to introduce a new offence with tougher penalties. See the report in the Leicester Mercury .

Statistics from the road casualty reports 2016

(based on an article in Cycling UK Cycle Campaign News)

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